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Shakira Janay Reedus was born a "Gift from God" and raised a hustler in Gary, IN. She expressed a strong interest in acting at the age of 2 and soon after, costarred in a diaper commercial with her younger sister, Kamilah Lige. Her first time in a play, she landed a major role as Marie in Aristocats with Little People's Theater at West Side Theatre Guild. Then, she went on to train as a theater major at Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts where she excelled for 4 years before moving over to Chicago Performing Arts Academy. Once she completed her acting program at CPAA, she went to Indiana University Bloomington to study theater for 2 years and then off into the world to do her own thing. She loves acting, but she's also very diverse in her talents. Growing up, her mother always pushed her to be an entrepreneur and her grandmother always pushed her to make her own movies; thus came the branded Actresspreneur in 2015.  




She has taken her acting talents to various TV networks including Netflix, TV One, and Comedy Central, and has been cast in several short films. She has experience in front and behind the camera of many productions. Her main focus is acting, but she is also a multiple business owner. She recently opened Actresspreneur Beauty Club, an online boutique that carries merchandise, art, and all natural beauty products.

Shakira also excels as a digital content creator and social media influencer. Her success instructing children in theater and drama in the Northwest Indiana and Greater Chicago area pushed her to start her own acting academy. She has been perfecting her craft in her hometown and surrounding areas since 2015, and now a Los Angeles local, she continues to share her expertise with talented creatives. Catch this Actresspreneur in the making!

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